Cancer Care

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About Cancer

Cancer is a complex and diverse group of diseases characterized by the abnormal growth and spread of cells in the body. Understanding the basics of cancer, including its causes, risk factors, common types, and staging, is crucial for individuals affected

Cancer Prevention

Explore valuable tips, lifestyle choices, and screening recommendations to lower your risk of cancer and promote overall well-being.

Cancer Diagnosis

Gain insights into the various diagnostic techniques and procedures used in cancer diagnosis, including biopsies, imaging scans, and pathological examinations, as well as the role of genetic testing in identifying and understanding cancer.

Cancer Treatment

Discover a comprehensive overview of the diverse treatment options available for cancer, such as surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy.

Living with Cancer

Discover supportive care resources, including palliative care and survivorship programs, that can enhance your well-being while living with cancer.

Resources and Support

Access a wealth of resources and support through our curated links to trusted organizations, foundations, and cancer support groups. Explore recommended books, websites, and videos for further learning and empowerment.